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University of South Florida · College of Behavioral & Community Sciences · Aging Studies

Bachelor Program

The Bachelor of Art Degree in Gerontology

This entails 36 hours of required course work.  In this program, the course of study is intended to provide students with a liberal education in gerontology and some exposure to the various career opportunities in the field of aging.  This degree is especially appropriate for students who plan to pursue graduate or professional work in gerontology, or some other field, or who plan to work with older adults in careers other than Nursing Home Administration.

Required Courses:

  • GEY 2000, Introduction to Gerontology
  • GEY 3601, Physical Changes and Aging
  • GEY 3625, Sociological Aspects of Aging
  • GEY 4401, Research Methods in Gerontology
  • GEY 4612, Psychology of Aging
  • STA 2122, Social Science Statistics is a required prerequisite

Capstone Experience

The students have 3 options to complete a capstone experience.(choose one)

  • GEY 4945 Field Placement or
  • GEY 4917 Directed Research or
  • GEY 4960 Senior Seminar in Gerontology

B.A. students complete 18 additional elective hours. Elective courses are available to gain specialized expertise in areas such as geriatric case management, aging and business management, assisted living and Alzheimer's disease care.

Students should plan to meet frequently with the departmental advisor to plan courses and field work that will prepare the student for career goals.

Recommended Electives: (choose six)

  • DEP 2004 Life Cycle
  • GEY 4101 Aging in Special Populations
  • GEY 4102 Aging in Modern Literature and Film
  • GEY 4321 Elder Abuse and Neglect
  • GEY 4322 Gerontological Case Management
  • GEY 4360 Gerontological Counseling
  • GEY 4475 Program Evaluation in an Aging Society
  • GEY 4507 Understanding Policies/Practices in LTC
  • GEY 4520 Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration
  • GEY 4608 Alzheimer’s Disease Management
  • GEY 4628 Race, Ethnicity and Aging
  • GEY 4629 Women and Aging
  • GEY 4635 Business Management in an Aging Society
  • GEY 4641 Death and Dying
  • GEY 4647 Ethical and Legal Issues in Aging
  • GEY 4900 Directed Readings
  • GEY 4935 Special Topics