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PFA Older Adults, Second Edition
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M.S. in Medical Sciences

Welcome to the School of Aging Studies at the University of South Florida. Our primary mission is excellence in applied aging research and education. We are one of the oldest and largest gerontology education programs in the United States, and one of the few programs offering bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in Gerontology and Aging Studies. Our Ph.D. in Aging Studies program is a campus-wide doctoral program, hosted by the School of Aging Studies, but involving faculty from throughout the USF campus.

We currently have 16 full-time faculty who are engaged in exciting research activities. In addition, we work closely with a number of faculty members with joint appointments and adjunct appointments, who are actively engaged in our academic and research programs. The School of Aging Studies is also the host of the USF Collaborative on Aging, which works to enhance USF’s capacity and reputation as a university with campus-wide strength in aging research, education, and service. The Collaborative maintains directories of faculty members and programs throughout the USF campus focused on aging, sponsors a Distinguished Lecture Series, and works to promote multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research and education. We hope that you will want to learn more about us, and that you will contact us if you have any questions about our programs.

Internship Programs

"The mission of the University of South Florida School of Aging Studies is to prepare students for roles in direct service, planning, research and administration in the field of aging. An internship is a critical component of that preparation, providing students with an opportunity to integrate and reinforce knowledge acquired in the classroom and serving as a bridge between their education and entry into the professional community."

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Cancer Pain Management Study

Our Mission: To identify, reduce and eventually eliminate barriers to optimal pain management regardless of age, race, gender, social and economic status or disease state.

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Online Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

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Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

Cognitive Aging and Neurophysiology of Aging Labs

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Cognitive Aging Laboratory